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Hi, I'm a photographer based in Washington D.C. originally from Buffalo, NY. I like to take pictures of landscapes, cityscapes, and anything interesting that catches my eye. Photography is my creative outlet and it's what drives me to get outside and explore the world around me. I look forward to hunting down the perfect sunset after leaving my 9-5 job each weekday and I try to fill my weekends finding the best locations the D.C. area has to offer.

I also enjoy going to meetups with several local photography groups including Walk With Locals, IGDC, StreetMeet DC, and DC Focused. If you ever want to shoot with me just send me a direct message on Instagram!

When I'm away from the city I always bring my camera with me. I look forward to each time I travel because I know I will be coming back home with wonderful memories to share through my pictures. This site is a showcase of my best work, I hope you enjoy it!


Sony A7iii

Sony 16-35 GM F/2.8

Sony 70-200 F/4

Canon 70D

Canon 18-135 STM

Canon 10-18 STM

Canon 50mm F/1.8

Canon 50-250